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Locally Grown  Veteran Owned

Now, we’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Claravita family line: our top-quality cannabis flower. Sourced from our locally grown, veteran-owned operation here in Amesbury, Massachusetts, our top-shelf cannabis flower embodies our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

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Cannabis Cultivation Amesbury MA
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Furthermore, to ensure the utmost freshness and environmental responsibility, our flower is packaged in the sleek and responsibly sourced Sana Ocean Jar. This packaging choice is a testament to our dedication to quality and eco-conscious practices.

Additionally, keep an eye out for our Claravita lines gracing the shelves of stores across Massachusetts. Stay tuned as we prepare to bring our premium cannabis flower to a dispensary near you. Get ready to elevate your cannabis experience with Claravita!

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Acapulco Gold

Hybridity: Sativa
Lineage: Unknown
Breeder: Unknown

Introducing Acapulco Gold, the legendary sativa cannabis flower that’s as rare as it is revered. Like a lavish feast for the senses, this strain offers an unparalleled experience in terms of effects and aroma. Energizing and motivating, Acapulco Gold uplifts with a golden hue of euphoria, derived from its origins in the sun-kissed lands around Acapulco, Mexico. Furthermore, with its shimmering orange hairs and resin-drenched buds, this strain is a true nugget of cannabis excellence. Additionally, delight in the aroma of burnt toffee as you embark on a journey with one of the finest cannabis strains known to connoisseurs.

Acapulco Gold Cannabis Flower
London Mints 11 cannabis strain
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London Mints 11

Hybridity: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Lineage: Zkittles x Kush Mints #11
Breeder: House Exotics

Step into a realm of tranquility with London Mints 11, an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis flower meticulously crafted from the genetic marriage of London Pound Cake and Kush Mints by House Exotics. This strain stands as a welcoming choice for both novice and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, promising a delightful experience that harmoniously blends relaxation and euphoria. It is a favorite cannabis flower strain for many.

As the effects of London Mints unfold, they reveal a symphony of relaxation, talkativeness, and happiness. This balanced combination, therefore, makes it a versatile companion, catering to various preferences and occasions. Additionally, the dominant terpene, caryophyllene, contributes to the strain’s unique character, enhancing both its aromatic and potential therapeutic qualities. Furthermore, London Mints beckons with a captivating aroma and flavor profile, where menthol, honey, and mint dance on the palate, creating an indulgent sensory experience that lingers long after each session.

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Hybridity: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Lineage: Clementine x Purple Punch
Breeder: Unknown

Unveiling Mimosa, the sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis flower also dubbed “Purple Mimosa,” is crafted from the union of Clementine and Purple Punch. This strain, a proud member of the Tangie family, introduces a delightful symphony of effects that cater to both casual and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

Bearing the signature touch of the esteemed breeder Symbiotic Genetics, Mimosa stands out as a staple in the cannabis community. In moderation, Mimosa reveals its happy and level-headed characteristics, elevating your mood and infusing you with a sense of motivation that transforms mundane tasks into enjoyable endeavors. Moreover, the uplifting aura it imparts is ideal for those seeking a boost without overwhelming sedation. Additionally, Mimosa’s allure extends beyond its effects, as its fragrance and flavor pay homage to its namesake.

Mimosa Cannabis Strain
Malawi Gold cannabis strain
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Malawi Gold

Hybridity: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Lineage: Unknown

This invigorating sativa-leaning hybrid cannabis flower is a cross between the classic West Coast strain Mac 1 and an undisclosed “Junior Mint” parent. The buds take on a bright green appearance with fiery orange pistils woven throughout. Additionally, a heavy coating of amber trichomes gives the flowers a sugary sweet aroma reminiscent of mint chocolate candy.

The high starts with an uplifting cerebral buzz that awakens creativity and enhances focus. Moreover, a tingly euphoria spreads throughout the body, relieving minor aches and pains without causing an overwhelming couch-lock. Consequently, Junior Mint x Mac 1 is an excellent all-day-use cannabis strain for treating fatigue, depression, and mild chronic pain.

Furthermore, with its invigorating yet relaxing effects, Junior Mint x Mac 1 cannabis flower is perfect for artistic endeavors, social activities, and outdoor adventures. Its mint chocolate flavor profile, complemented by hints of pine and pepper, makes for a delightfully smooth smoking experience. Lastly, growers can expect relatively high yields from this hardy hybrid.

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Granny Mac

Hybridity: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Lineage: Colombian Gold x Miracle Alien Cookies
Breeder: Capulator

Granny Mac is a potent sativa-dominant cannabis flower strain created through crossing Colombian Gold and Miracle Alien Cookies genetics. Its effects are described as uplifting and energizing, while also providing a tingly body sensation.

Transitioning to its aroma, Granny Mac offers an enticing blend of pepper, earthy notes, and a zesty lemon punch. Moreover, on the palate, it presents a delightfully sweet citrus flavor profile. The dominant terpene is limonene, which significantly contributes to the strain’s citrusy characteristics.

Furthermore, with its invigorating sativa effects and therapeutic potential, Granny Mac has gained a following among both recreational and medical cannabis flower users. Those who have enjoyed this strain praise its ability to provide an energizing yet relaxing experience, making it perfect for active days or tranquil evenings.

Granny Mac Cannabis Strain
Lemon Mints cannabis strain
High Energy Cannabis Infused Gummies in Massachusetts.

Lemon Mints

Hybridity: Hybrid
Lineage: Animal Mints Bx1 x Kush Mints
Breeder: Seed Junky/Cookies

Lemon Mints is a potent hybrid cannabis flower strain resulting from a collaboration between Seed Junky Genetics and Cookies. With a lineage akin to the classic sativa SOAP, it boasts prominent lemon and citrus aromas, which are complemented by subtle hints of dish soap. Moreover, known for its heavy-hitting effects, Lemon Mints offers relaxation and anxiety relief without inducing drowsiness.

Cannabis Infused Gummies for Relaxation, and post workout activities.

Lemon Meringue

Hybridity: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Lineage: Lemon Skunk x Cookies & Cream
Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Introducing Lemon Meringue, a meticulously crafted sativa cannabis flower from the renowned Exotic Genetix. This vibrant strain results from the harmonious union of Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream, creating a delectable combination that captivates the senses.

As soon as you break open the cannabis flower, a symphony of fragrances envelops you, unveiling notes of sweet citrus, diesel, and a subtle nuttiness. Delving deeper into this aromatic journey, you encounter the unmistakable essence of a freshly sliced lemon meringue pie, tantalizing your palate with its tart sweetness.

Moreover, Lemon Meringue’s effects are extraordinary. It delivers a surge of uplifting and invigorating energy that sparks the desire for physical activity. Whether you seek inspiration for a creative pursuit or a motivational boost for your daily tasks, this strain has you covered. Additionally, its subtle motivational qualities are complemented by a gentle euphoria, creating a delightful experience that leaves you with a smile.

Lemon Meringue cannabis strain

Claravita flower is proudly produced by CNA Stores Inc., a veteran-owned family business based in Amesbury, Massachusetts. As a leader in the Massachusetts cannabis industry, CNA Stores Inc. is known for its philanthropic work in the communities we serve. We prioritize quality, integrity, and commitment, which guide our cultivation and manufacturing processes. Additionally, with a strong focus on sustainability and community service, we are here for the long haul.